Friday, April 10, 2009

Station Side

I didnt realize that all my work station side had racked up so many days of no comments. It wasnt until I was getting ready to finish my teir 4 in basic learning that I noticed one of my favorite Station Channels blinking that there was a new article to be had.

I then remembered I had submitted a query to the site Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah ( ) about the mechanics behind turret tracking speed. Ninveah was more then kind enough to explain the mechanics but also provided a diagram to better illustrate the point. Awesome job, it makes perfect sense now.

I have been spending the last couple weeks updating most of my non combat skills like learning and the like. I do have my basic combat skills in place like energy and shield management hull upgrades and what not all to tier three on the New Eden index. So I'll be out classed but there comes a time in every pirates life where you either do or don't. This weekend I'll be heading in to the great divide and see if I can't bag myslf something small and squeeky so I can claim that all important first kill. So if you happen to be out and about and see a rifter called Scadoooosh, driven by a pilot named Lunar Panda well just go ahead and attack. :0) If you see a rifter called Scadooosh VII well maybe take pity and just turn off all your tanks and auto offer a retro ransom...LOL.


I original had a pilot named Suffer Knot (who I totally destroyed by remapping his attributes. So for the next year he's a goner. All because I apparently cannot read that one attribute remap means just that; one remap, not two,) with which I shall continue to write about even though he is now in game named Lunar Panda. I find that should be sufficiently confusing for my audience.


  1. It is always a hard decision to cast aside a bad build or run with it as is and where is, knowing that eventually even the worst build skills up. Personally, I like the second name references better.

    Funny thing is my main is still who it was when I first started. My alts, they keep rotating and being canned and reprocessed.


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